The real objective of education is to prepare a nation with the view to lead a better and positive life in this world and the world hereafter. Quran Academia is a project with the said aim in the view.

We are offering Islamically designed O-Level curriculum that consists of the complete translation, brief exegesis important topics and practical guidelines of the entire Holy Qur’an.

From Grade 5 onwards, we will be adding QUR’AN AB AASAAN’ a systematic approach to learn QUR’ANIC grammar.

Students at The Intellectus Academy are always encouraged to get closer to nature for recreation. Moreover, they are also urged to see and observe various industries, hospitals, welfare organizations, and schools for special children to enhance and enrich their exposure to various facets of life .These visits are yearly scheduled in the academic calendar.

The Intellectus Academy offers an efficient cloud base web portal which is accessible from anywhere in the world. It facilitates student admissions, attendance, home assignments, SMS to parents, fee Challan, student report and a great deal more.

Our library provides a welcoming learning environment that supports the school’s curriculum and encourages the students to become lifelong readers.

During the term, we will give parents an opportunity to meet with child’s Teachers.

These meetings are scheduled twice each term.

We at The Intellectus Academy ensures that Teachers and Parents are very well connected to help the kid grow not just in the Classroom, but also in life.

Moreover, special parenting workshops are scheduled to strengthen the relationship between parents and their children.

STEAM is more than just a traditional Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math subjects. On their own, they’re opportunities where subjects combine to solve real-world problems through hands-on learning activities and creative design.

Our fitness classes including Yoga, aim to achieve a peaceful body and focused mind.

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